Clover honey is New Zealand’s most common honey.  It is created by bees that are predominantly surrounded by clover flowers. Our honey is produced from farms around the Ellesmere and Ashburton districts.  Clover honey has a pleasing mild flavour and sweetness. It comes in liquid or creamed form.  Ideal as a spread or an alternative to sugar in baking.  Great on porridge or crumpets!



Manuka (also known as tea tree) is a unique evergreen tree native to New Zealand.  Bees love the intensely scented flowers which bloom in summer.  Some manuka honeys have an extra anti-bacterial property, called Unique Manuka Factor (UMF).  This type of honey is more expensive than non active.  Manuka honey is dark coloured and has a strong flavour.  It also has a unique aroma.



You can’t get honey more pure than comb honey!  This honey is unprocessed and comes from the hive honey-filled beeswax comb as stored naturally by the bees.  Comb honey can be used as a spread and is a perfect addition to a fruit platter or cheese board.  The wax comb is perfectly edible. Try this unique gourmet treat today!



Honeydew is a sugar rich sticky substance secreted by insects as they feed on plant sap.   It is then collected by honey bees which then process it into a dark, strong honey called Honeydew honey.  Our honeydew honey is produced from the sap of the beech trees in the North Canterbury area.  Can be used as a spread or drizzle over fresh fruit or cereal.  Only available from our farm gate in Lakeside.

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